211 carat Raw Star Ruby Wand
211 carat Raw Star Ruby Wand
211 carat Raw Star Ruby Wand
211 carat Raw Star Ruby Wand

211 carat Raw Star Ruby Wand

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These magnificent Raw Star Ruby Specimens give you a glimpse of how these incredible gemstones were formed. Only the tops of these raw beauties were polished, giving you a glimpse of the hidden beauty that lies within each of them. Normally when sourced, these raw Star Ruby wands are cut and sliced into multiple stones sometimes producing up to 10 stones per wand but there is something so special about holding a complete raw Ruby in your hand.

This Raw Star Ruby is 211 carats and produces a nice six ray star on the polished top. The Star will seem to dance and glide across the surface of the crystal when introduced to light.  Hues of pinks, light purples and reds can be seen throughout this piece with unique inclusions and crystal patterns. 

Sourced and unearthed in the Mangroves of India.       During the monsoon season the Mangroves flood, uprooting the surrounding soil, revealing the star rubies and sapphires beneath.  

This unique beauty would be a great addition for energy work, or display piece for any collector. It is also a perfect size to carry with you and hold in your hands.

Star Ruby Properties- Ruby is an extraordinary stone for opening the heart chakra and creating a feeling of physical security in an uncertain world, because the ruby's red color resonates with the red color of the root chakra in the Western chakra system, and the ruby is also associated metaphysically with the heart chakra. The ruby resonates to a very high frequency of unconditional love and is known as the "stone of nobility".


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Stones- Raw Star Ruby  (Sourced -India) 100% Natural Unheated & Untreated 
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