Welcome to Paradise

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Two tantalizing Sunstones that really come to life when touched by the slightest hint of light. Set in solid sterling silver, this handcrafted necklace comes with a woven solid sterling silver chain to compliment the elegance of this one-of-a-kind treasure. The sunstones were mined and sourced in Tanzania.

Sunstone Properties- A Sunstone crystal has an uplifting quality that can bring passion, excitement, and creativity back into your life when you’ve lost touch with those feelings. Whether you feel like you’re living on auto-pilot or you feel overcome with darkness, Sunstone shines a light on all the opportunities for happiness and joy that surround you.

Note: Every handcrafted piece of jewelry from Wade + Willow includes a complementary Wade + Willow velvet pouch, jewelry box and polishing cloth.

Material- Solid Sterling Silver (Sourced- Tanzania)

Stones- Sunstones 100% Natural Unheated & Untreated (Sourced- Tanzania)


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