The Sacred Scarab

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A stunning solid sterling silver scarab beetle with a natural petite Garnet & faceted pink tourmaline set in its grasp. Handcrafted using the ancient technique of lost wax casting and a mixture of metalsmith techniques, this one of a kind treasure will truly stand the test of time. Accompanying this sacred creature, is a 24”solid sterling silver woven charmed chain. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes in creating this future Heirloom.

Tourmaline Properties - Tourmaline is a balancing stone, which cleanses and purifies. It grounds spiritual energy and helps to clear and balance the chakras. Shamans use this stone to protect them during ceremonies, and it is also used for scrying. It is thought to attract tolerance and compassion, and promote inspiration and prosperity

Garnet Properties- This precious gemstone has long been known for its rich connections to creativity and love.It can remove emotional and energetic blocks that may be limiting your creativity, as well as old patterns that can get in your way. It’s an amazing talisman to have close for those times you may feel the need to be balanced out.


Material: Solid Sterling Silver

Chain: 24” Solid Sterling Silver 

Stone: Tourmaline Slice 100% Natural & Untreated       (Sourced- Brazil) Garnet 100% Natural & Untreated  


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